Saturday, July 11, 2009

Parsley, sage, rosemary and....


Thyme and three mosses, pot by Andy over at Stone Monkey.

I might retake this shot later, around five this evening when the light will be a bit more diffused. Just to see if it looks nicer. Click on the images, since all of the details are lost in the thumbnails.

A slightly better shot of the pot, because I love this pot....


Andy"Stone Monkey" Pearson said...

Hi Heather

I remember that pot! Looks great with the Thyme and mosses, really sweet composition. I hope you dont mind but I have put a copy of your planting on my web gallery. I love to see what people put in the pots that I have made.
All the best and I hope Rowan had a great bithday. I enjoyed reading your latest posts on your blog. I know what its like after divorce and how you have to start all over agin, got that T-Shirt ;-)
All the best


Heather Hartman said...

You are more than welcome to use the picture Andy. The tree that is destined for the other pot I ordered from you is still not ready for it. I'm hoping in about two or three years I'll be repotting that one into its intended pot!

Glad you're enjoying the blog. Ro had a great birthday. :)