Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All this talk of pots, part 1

There has been a lot of talk of pots lately it seems. Partly, I know, spurned by the reproduction Ming Dynasty pots Robert Steven has available via AOB. (If you are interested in more info/seeing the pots, here you go:

I ordered one. Regardless of collectability, I really like the way it looks, and I have a soft spot for Asian history that most think is limited to Japan. Focused on, perhaps, but not limited to. But this post isn't about Steven's pot in particular. Just wanted to share a few pots that I've come across in the last months that I was particularly fond of, for one reason or another, or that just caught my eye.
The first pots were actually posted by Wayne over at , though, unfortunately, we don't know who made the fourth one, or really much about it at all. Time to ramp up learning kanji now that I'm set on hiragana and katakana! The first with the crickets (my favorite of the three, though all of them are made by him) is by Master Potter Gyozan Nakono.

Next set of pots by Andy over at Stone Monkey Ceramics ( The last one is one of the pots I purchased from him last year, along with the accent pot from the Thyme post last week.

More to come at a later date I'm sure.


Rob Addonizio from Taiko-Earth said...

I like your posting of pots. The japanese pots are truly unique. I also love that accent of Andy's. The green glaze is beautiful.

Thanks for posting!
Rob Addonizio

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather

The Japanese Pots are BEAUTIFUL! I adore Japanese pots and have purchased some for my private collection. Japanese ceramics is a huge influence on my work, I just love the simplicity in design. Thanks for posting pictures of my work it is very much appreciated

Regards from over the pond :-)


Heather Hartman said...

Hi Rob! Thanks for the comments. Those Japanese pots really caught my eye as well, and Andy does do lovely work. Though that green pot is a shohin sized pot, a smaller size of it would make a fantastic accent!

Hi Andy! I think the Japanese influence certainly comes out in the pots you make. I have a preference for a lot of the antique japanese pots, which might explain my preference for *your* pots!