Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hana osage naru

On Mount Yoshino
Snoflakes scattering down
from cherry limbs-
one of those years
when blossoms come late.

sakura ga eda ni
yuki chirite
hana osoge naru
toshi ni mo aru kana

Spring isn't actually late as it was the year Saigyo wrote this poem, but I am done with winter. It has never been a favorite season of mine (though making snowmen with Rowan is fun, it is really the only highlight). I am as sleepy as my trees thoughout this darker season, and I find myself continually turning toward the sun in hopes that it will be warming instead of merely bright.

News? No, this isn't news, merely a momentary musing as I wait for spring.

Here, however, is news.

The fundraiser for GB went well. Everyone who came had a good time, good laughs, and most walked away with some nice auction prizes, ranging from gift certificates, to handmade jewlery, from tools to trees. Even some of the bar patrons got in on the act, several of them walking out with bonsai trees of their own, instructions in their care, and contact info if they have further questions. All in all, it was a fun day.

I mentioned some exciting news in my last post. I have been invited to be an editor at the Knowledge of Bonsai, and the Art of Bonsai forums. This came as a bit of a surprise, though admittedly a very pleasant one. I have been enjoying the content, as well as the posters there for some time now, and am very excited about the chance to participate on a more in depth level.