Sunday, January 20, 2008

Golden Bonsai

Sometime between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm today Golden Bonsai nursery caught fire. I got the call from Rich a bit ago, and it's gone. Some of the hot house survived, with a few of the trees, but otherwise everything is gone. The fire department is still trying to figure out where the fire started, at least they were as of half an hour or so ago.

I don't have the energy, or the ability right now to write up how I'm feeling. This is a huge blow, not only for those of us personally effected, but for the bonsai community on Long Island as a whole.

Feel free to drop a line to Rich here.... I will make sure he gets it. Any photographs or memories you have of the place, also feel free to share here. I just updated the GB website, so people will know.... now you guys know too.

I'll post as I have information here.


Stone Monkey Ceramics said...


I am so so sorry to hear of your bad news. I hope the future shines bright on Golden Bonsai and she can recover and rise from the ashes



Kitsune said...

Thank you Andy. We're getting ready to start rebuilding, though it's going to be a long road. We'll take all of the positive energy we can get! :)