Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Website updates: Glossary and Japanese Terminology

I love days off. I hadn't realized what time it was, or how long I'd just spent coding HTML.... until my stomache started to growl at me!

Some new sections on the website. An ever expanding glossary of common (and some not so common) bonsai and horticultural terms that are not only useful, but in many ways essential to understanding the craft of bonsai. Also added is a rather extensive glossary of japanese bonsai phrases and terms. A more expanded section for tree varieties will include the english, latin and japanese names for many of our frequently used bonsai stock. I encourage you to check it out, and enjoy using some new japanese phrases peppered into your day! :)

Also, visitors to the website will be a complete make over of the main page. In the interest of time, I had used a basic page builder initially, but finally got to the coding myself today. Yes, that navigation bar on the top of the site will show up on every page, to make moving through the website easier.

Hope everyone's enjoying the beautiful weather (It's gorgeous where I am!) and having a great day in general!