Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pond and Garden walk

I do yard work and light landscaping for a friend of the family's. Every year she has a pond viewing tour, or, more accurately, there is one for the Long Island area and her house is one of the stops. The last two weeks before the event had been spent really getting down and dirty to get everything ready. The last two days before I spent eight hours just cleaning twigs and tiny weeds from the stone area around her koi pond. She requested that I bring a couple of my trees down so that she could display them during the tour. Now, I haven't shown any of my trees.... ever. I've never participated in anything (other than the internet) where I put my trees on display for other people can see and study them. So while I was a little nervous about it, I also didn't feel like I could pass this up... sort of like baby steps into eventually showing my trees. I brought over two, the Indigo that I've posted on previously, and a Juniper that as yet has not made an appearance here that I brought home after this years club auction this past August.

Thought I'd share some of the photos here, mostly of the koi pond, and not a great one of the trees, but eh. I'd originally had the trees shown in seperate places, but apparently the morning of she moved them both to the same table because she liked the way it looked. As it wasn't an official bonsai display, and it was *her* yard, I didn't have the heart to tell her I'd seperated them for viewing purposes. Whatever makes Mrs. Cheslak happy, makes me happy!