Thursday, September 13, 2007

The new blog and BSGNY update

After only a few days on my geocities blog, I decided that it was simply not going to cut it for my purposes. I transfered the only two posts of substance (excluding the post in regards to issues posting photos, and the two about the move itself), and already I am very happy with the html options and the fact that when I code something here, it works, rather than spontaneously changing my coding for no clear or obvious reason.

Welcome to the new blog to the readers who are joining me here from the old one, and thanks for making the move with me! Hello to any new readers who find me in this method, and hopefully I'll live up to my own expectations, as well as yours as for content and items of interest about bonsai on this blog.

Now, onto bonsai news:

My local society, The Bonsai Society of Greater New York , will be holding it's monthly meeting tomorrow night at Farmingdale University. The society President, Rich Perricone, also the owner of Golden Bonsai (formerly Juisan Bonsai, right around the corner from the University in Farmingdale), will be bringing two large "Hollywood" Junipers to the meeting. We'll be chosing one of the trees for him to do a jin and shari demonstration on, and the tree will be donated to the club. He'll be bringing all of his carving tools, and after the demonstration will be available to work on trees brought in. Styling a tree after wiring will be featured. If you are in the area and interested in joining the society or just sitting in on a meeting, drop me a line. We'll be bringing trees of our own to work on, and the night promises to be fun. I will be taking pictures and posting information in the days following the demonstration, so keep your eyes open. I'll be bringing a juniper of my own as well, and post some of the progression images after. The tree already has jin incorporated into the design, but as I'd intended to extend it and add a shari element, the timing on this workshop is perfect.

Also of interest, Marco Invernizzi, an Italian bonsai artist that I am personally extremely excited to see in action, will be visiting our club sometime in October. Though the details have not been hashed out yet, I will keep updated. Marco Invernizzi studied bonsai with Salvatore Liporaci in Italy and Masahiko Kimura in Japan. The Art of Bonsai Forum has a profile with a great little interview and more information on Mr. Invernizzi. I encourage you to check it out.


Anonymous said...

Do we get to see the pictures yet? ;)

Kitsune said...

I'm uploading the images right now, promise :)