Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kusamono Plant Profile: Pure Heart Hosta

Hosta 'Pure Heart', photo courtesy of Walter's Garden, Inc.

A 2011 introduction from Walter's Gardens, Inc. Pure Heart is a miniature hosta, typically 3-4" tall and up to 6" wide. A sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears', it is the reverse of another Mouse Ears sport, 'Mighty Mouse' (and is named after Mighty Mouse's girlfriend from the cartoon, Pearl Pureheart. Cute).

Foliage is strongly variegated with a cream center and bluish green margins. Purple flowers are bourn in midsummer on 8" stems.

Like all hostas, Pure Heart prefers partial shade and will burn if kept in too much sun or insufficently watered. Its size makes it well suited to pot culture, and it can be easily divided as the clump matures. It prefers neutral to slightly acidic soil and is recommended for USDA zones 3-9.


This one isn't widely available yet, but definately a cultivar to keep on the look out for!