Monday, June 29, 2009

Garden Photos

I took more photos than usual of my garden this year. As in, I normally don't take any. Some of these are from my own house, and some from the nursery I work at. Enjoy.

I blame the peonies for my photo craze. These were the pride of my yard a few weeks ago. Can't tell so much in the picture, since there is no frame of reference, but the larger blossoms were the size of dinner plates this year, and I had more than two dozen of them. Gorgeous.

Close shot, same bloom.

Stella d'Oro Daylilies, first of the season a little early.

Rhododendrons on a shrub (I say shrub, but it's taller than my house) that's estimated at around 200 years old.

Mock Orange (Philadelphus) Blossoms. I love the way these smell, like a cross between orange blossoms (hence the name) and jasmine.



Yarrow in pinks and yellows around a weeping cherry tree.

More Stella d'Oro.