Friday, September 19, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, your pick

A recently passed birthday has given me the perfect excuse I need to finally purchase some pots from Andy over at Stone Monkey. I've been admiring his pots for some time, and frankly, was overdue to get a couple from him. So while his recent post at Knowledge of Bonsai was labeled as "Merry Christmas", I'm happy to call it "Happy Birthday" in my head.

My photoclient is being all buggy, but you can view the pots here:

The very first one (accent plant), and the very last one (the green glazed shohin), are the pots I've ordered, and I am happy as I wait for them to arrive. I hemmed and hawed between the green one, and the grey rectangular pot above it (you'll see what I mean... I love the glaze on that one too). Really beautiful batch all around.


Anonymous said...


You flatter me with your kind comments about my ceramics;-) Well I posted them to you this morning and they are well on their way to their new home in the good ol' US. Please post a picture with their new occupants. Its always good to see what people plant in what I make.

I hope you enjoy the pots as much as I enjoy making them.

Kind regards


Dannon said...

Good blog! I've enjoyed it!

Heather Hartman said...

Thank you Dannon. I hope to continue the project again :)