Friday, March 14, 2008

Eastern Suffolk Bonsai Society and more

I've spent much of this week sick (not unexpectedly, my house as been a source of the black plauge), but fortunately, I didn't succumb until after Tuesday evenings Eastern Suffolk Bonsai Society meeting.

I was invited to attend by Tom and Eric, two very active society members, one of whom I'd met previously when he came to see Mike Hagedorn speak for the BSGNY. Though I had no clear notions in mind of what to expect, I have to say that the evening has been one of the most enjoyable ones I've had in some time. The first thing that strikes one about the members of the ESBS is how friendly everyone is. I can't say enough how wonderful it was to be greeted so warmly by those I met on monday night. That in and of itself would have made the night well worth it.

Their speaker was Bob Mahler, who has been studying bonsai since he was 15. He studied bonsai in Japan, with Susumo Sudo, and worked at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for eleven years. Tom provided a really nice piece of stock, a field grown Japanese White Pine. I wish I wish I wish I had brought my camera, but this was one of those rare occasions where it slipping my mind and I didn't have it on me. Bob was an enjoyable presenter, very knowledgeable about bonsai in general, and white pines in particular. The tree took shape over two and a half hours, and was raffled at the end, going home with one of the club members.

Check out both the ESBS website ( and Bob Mahler's as well (

Partly inspired by that demo, and armed with a new understanding of white pines, I ended up with a dwarf white pine from Edna at Green Garden Works. More about that in the future, and once I get some pictures taken.

BSGNY's monthly meeting is tonight at Farmingdale University. The topic is Maple grafting, the lecture and workshop with Rich Perricone. I don't think I'm going to be able to make it, the way I feel today... and I really don't want to spread the plauge any further >.<

I'll be taking it easy the next few days. Fortunately for me, this chosen hobby of mine is a perfect thing.


Stone Monkey Ceramics said...

Hi Heather

Hope you are feeling better now



Heather Hartman said...

Very much Andy, thank you :)