Monday, February 11, 2008

Green Garden Nursery

It's time, and over due for some other bonsai news.

For those of you on Long Island, head out into Northport. A little out of the way off Jericho Turnpike is a nursery called Green Garden Nursery. It's been there for 53 years (if I remember correctly), and I have to say, I was floored when I stepped on to the property. From the road, it doesn't look like much. But once you clear the driveway and the trees that block the (6) greenhouses from the road, the possibilities suddenly become endless. Edna (the long time owner and all around fantastic lady) has done a phenomenal job. I wish that I had more of a chance to speak with her. She was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable about her stock and bonsai in general.

I could have spent hours there, going over the stock both in the cold frames, the hot houses and on the rest of the grounds, but unfortunately, other time restraints allowed me little enough of a chance. The one reason I had gone there in particular, was the mention by Eric (of the Eastern Suffolk Bonsai Society) of an extensive selection of Kingsville boxwoods. These are one of my favorite species to work with, so that in and of itself was enough to get me out there.

The selection of the boxwoods, even if I didn't have time to look at much else, was amazing. Everything from a few year old cuttings, to fifty year old field grown stock, she had it all in abundance. I left there with a 30 year old tree, a beautiful twin trunk boxwood that has been so well cared for and grown with bonsai in mind it is going to be an utter joy to work with.

I have full intentions of returning, not only to continue going through the stock, but also to have a chance to speak with Edna more than the small amount I was able to.

For those interested, the address is:
16 Burr Rd
East Northport, NY 11731
(631) 499-4235

They're open 10-5 (at least), seven days a week. Definately give a stop by. I highly recommend it.