Wednesday, November 28, 2007

American's First National Bonsai Exhibition

Yes, that's right. In October, 2008, the first National show for Bonsai will be held in Rochester New York. I feel as though I can hardly add anything at this point to what has already been said at the Knowledge of Bonsai about it.... The following is an exerpt from there:

"The bonsai community is on the threshold of a historic event of such importance that it will no doubt change the state of the art in this country and raise the level of bonsai to a height only imagined before.

The thought of a American National Show on the level of Kokufu Ten, Ginkgo, or the Crespi Cup has been hoped for by the serious artists and discussed by all for many years. Finally we have one and with William Valavanis at the helm, there is little doubt that it will be the high quality, professional, exhibition that the American bonsai community sorely needs."

Some links to KoB and the Bonsai Exhibition site:

This really is a big bit of news for Bonsai in the States. While I was unable to make the shohin show in Rochester this past year, I'll be trying my all to make this show. I've got a year to plan, and so do you!