Friday, October 12, 2007

As Autumn

This is our first real autumn day it seems. Though the weather started out nasty, it's beautiful, sunny, crisp and breezy now. My maples have just started tinging with fall colours, later than I expected, but then it's been unseasonably warm here on Long Island these last weeks. I spent much of this afternoon removing old wire and re-wiring where needed for the rest of the winter. There's still no sign of frost warning, and until then I'm letting the trees soak up what's left of the autumn sun in their usual spots on top of the bench and the tables. My pomegranate is suitably confused, and I've had to keep pinching out flowers to help it conserve energy it doesn't need to be wasting! It, along with several serissa will be wintering it over with Rich at Golden Bonsai in the greenhouse. A few smaller serissa cuttings and the Indigo will be staying here with me unless it proves to be an issue. I live in very small quarters, and don't even really have space for a small grow light (I can squeeze one it if just a little extra something is needed, but that's it!), and we shall see if they also need to head into the green house.

On the webside of things, work will be starting soon on the Bonsai Society of Greater New York's website. Yes, I'll be doing that as well. Will I ever get back to my own site? Not in the next month, I doubt it. I don't mind at all, in fact, I'm looking foreward to getting that updated. Rebecca, one of the other club members, will be helping me with the project, for which I am grateful. The site hasn't been updated in around a year, and sorely needs the tlc.

Tis the time of year for clearance at nursery's, and though I've severaly limited myself, due to funding, I did manage to snag an azalea that I can't wait to putter with, and an Andromeda. While the azalea will be nice, it's the Andromeda that I am excited about. I'll post more on this later, as it's time to get my son off of the bus!