Thursday, September 13, 2007

First Post

(Originally posted 9/11/07)

I've been debating between simply launching into bonsai news and info in this blog with no precursor, or if I ought to actually do an introduction. Yeah, you're stuck with an intro. I swear to keep it short.
My name is Heather, and I've been involved with bonsai, off and on, for over ten years now. I live in the USA, on Long Island (New York, and no, not the city. There are suburbs too, I promise). I am a single mother of a wonderful five year old little boy who's favorite part of my trees is getting to help water them and helping me pick out pre-bonsai (he's pretty sure I don't know what I'm doing and that his eyes is obviously better than mine. On occasion, he's right.). Some of my other hobbies include writing (fiction primarily), reading, science fiction and fantasy, camping, horse-back riding, arts and crafts of numerous varieties (current projects include knitting, painting minatures, and bead work). I'll be returning to school this January to complete my degree in dietary science, a return that is too long in the coming.
See? I told you I'd keep it short. This blog will be primarily focused on bonsai. News. Works in progress. Updates to the website. Local events. Feel free to leave comments, questions, or just say hello. It's a journey that I've finally decided to share with other people.

See you on the road.